Ol' man Brand tells kids to get off his lawn
posted by maccaone, November 18, 2010
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About 2 1/2 hours before every game, some Sixers get on the court with assistant coach Aaron McKie and play a spirited game of four-on-four. The one rule is that no shots are allowed to be taken in the lane. The games usually last for about 45 minutes and are fun to watch. Tuesday in Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena, the normal routine was in full swing until Elton Brand emerged from the locker room. Brand, see, is a creature of habit. He comes out early before every game, heads to the free throw line for numerous shots there before shooting a load of 10- to 15-foot jumpers. Tuesday's four-on-four was running a little long. Brand got to the court, picked up a ball and headed to the foul line, almost oblivious to the other players. A few asked Brand to wait until they were done. Brand just said no and went about his business. The game abruptly ended. It was funny to see the players' reaction. No one was upset. It was like a father telling his kids to get out of his chair. They respected his request, and that was that."
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