Tigers interim coach blames loss on lack of experience with
posted by JesperNielsen, February 6, 2015
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After the disappointing loss to the HungerDunkers, the Tigers opened the doors for a press covered training session.

Interim coach Jesper Nielsen explained the defeat, by pointing out the lack of experience with "The Klamphugger" system.

"We did our part. 119 is a respectable number of points. A bit high, but acceptable.

Obviously the rest of the league have not yet adjusted to my system.

As soon as they do, I am sure the numbers against us will drop to a more tolerable level"

Interinm coach Jesper Nielsen then proceeded with a demonstration of "The Klamphugger".

"Let me demonstrate the system, by showing you a few of the stances.

Where is everybody?!

Will you get down from there!

Basketball is meant to be played BELOW the rim!"

Dirk was not available for comment.
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HungerDunker, February 10, 2015
The most confusing aspect of 'The Klamphugger' is not the focus on defending by drawing charges by standind perfectly still, but the very Galdalf-esque appearance of Coach Jesper in the pointy hat racing up and Down the line bellowing "YOU SHALL NOT PASS"
jacob, February 9, 2015
Does this mean Christian Laetner will be brought out of retirement?

And what will you do without the late Kevin Duckworth? I have a feeling the Chuckster will not leave his post as nutritional counselor to the Meaty Ogres.