The Wagga-Wagga copy-cat
posted by HungerDunker, April 4, 2006
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The MBA has been turned upside-down after coach Mads in 2005/2006 chose to

* try to beat the RimRocker loosing-streak record
* make more transactions than 3M
* introduce "Mr. Sometime-Next-Decade"
maccaone, April 9, 2006
Yes, I agree that it doesn't speak too well of my intelligence that I've elected to copy the RR, SB, HD approach to winning championships.

- sucking for a decade (plus)
- picking up numerous lottery-picks
- making dodgy FA-signings

However, it's fun in a "look, ma! I've signed Oscar Torres and Danny Fortson is going to be an All-Star" kind of way.

Brian, April 6, 2006
Don't forget:

* stuff the roster with more "from High School to NBA pro" free agents than Jacobīs Basketball Hold.