Tigers prepare for opening night
posted by JesperNielsen, October 27, 2015
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We caught up with Coach Nielsen, while he was giving advice to the players:

"No! You roll, and THEN you set the pick! It will catch them off guard!"

We asked how he had prepared for the first full season as a head coach in the MBA.

"It is like going back home to a house you did not even know you had! And you find all the lights on and strangers living there. That kind of feeling.

The Tigers are well prepared for the season. Everyone knows when the bus is leaving. I have made maps and everything. I think we are all going to be there on time."

When asked about the latest rumors surrounding the team doctor Joseph Ridley, Coard Nielsen was visibly upset:

"To imply that Dr. Ridley had anything to do with the incident at Odom's farm is preposterous! He was not seen fleeing the premise! And the so called herbal viagra was not an experimental drug designed to grow a third arm!"