Tigers undefeated under new coach
posted by JesperNielsen, November 4, 2015
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The Tigers are off to a great start of the 2015-16 season.

We got a brief interview with the head coach of the current MBA leading team. We asked coach Nielsen about the secret of the Tigers early season success:

"It has been a tough road trip. But great play has carried us to two well deserved victories! The stifling offence of the Klamphugger clearly caught our opponents unprepared.

I am proud of our tenacious defense keeping the opponent to only 94.5 points per game."

We then asked coach Nielsen if he is at all worried about the league worst 102.3 offence.

"No, no no! Not at all!

Remember the old saying: Defense is the teacher of eggs in one basket, while offense counts the skins before the bear is hatched!"
maccaone, November 7, 2015
Hooray! Let's have an Aussie singalong tocelebrate: