Tigers head coach Nielsen fined for "Conduct detrimental to
posted by JesperNielsen, December 24, 2015
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MBA league officials confirm, that a "substantial fine" has been issued to Coach Nielsen,
for his behavior following the Tigers recent close game loss to the Overlords.

Witnesses described the incident as "bizarre".

Apparently unhappy with the officiating during the final minutes of the game,
Coach Nielsen verbally abused the head referee, got into a brawl with heckling fans,
and was finally forcibly removed from the arena by security,
whilst screaming obscenities at the crowd.

Rumors that he was later seen molesting a vending machine in the nude, is as yet unconfirmed.

Tigers physician Dr. Joseph Ridley issued the following statement on behalf of the Tigers organization:

"The Tigers deeply regret any emotional trauma caused by Coach Nielsen's unfortunate outburst.

Coach Nielsen has been under a lot of preassure lately.

The players have not reponded well to his system.
He has been suspended from the team until further notice.

The Tigers will also like to apologize to the head official.

We would like to point out, that the mother of the head official is clearly NOT a nearsited goat with a drinking problem,
and we have complete confidence that he CAN find his own buttom, even if forced to use only one hand.

Coach Nielsen regrets the incident and is currently recuperating at Odom's farm."

Some spectators reported that the raving coach was screaming
"Pippen is NOT a guard!" whilst being carried away by security.

No one has been able to explain what he meant.
mmmdk, December 24, 2015
I believe Pippin became an elite guard of the citadel at Minas Tirith...oh...its Pipp-EN! Have a Merry & Pippin X-Mas.
HungerDunker, December 24, 2015
Han shot first, and Pippen was NEVER a guard!