The Tigers prepare for the all important game 20
posted by JesperNielsen, February 13, 2018
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The regular season comes down to just one game.
In the eastern conference, three teams compete for the two playoff spots.
Anyone of them can be left out.

The Tigers have generously allowed us a peek behind the scenes, at their highly professional and intense preparation.

Coach Jesper, giving the final instructions to the players, before the season defining away game against the RimRockers:

"Alright everybody! Listen up!

KAT, Get down from there!
Drum, stop eating that book!

This is crucial...

Where are the away team jerseys?
Who's turn was it to wash them after the Overlords game?
Anyone? Anyone seen them at all, since the Overlords game?
Come on! Someone must have seen them?
I know it is not Marc, since he is banned from doing laundry.
Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, check your dirty laundry baskets at home.


Who can drive? Anyone got a car?

And the one picking me up, please remember it this time!
I mean, come on! You can forget to pick me up once, but three times in a row?!

The strategy for the game is simple.
Offense sells tickets, but Klamphuggers wins Championships!"
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