Is the VBA client dead?
posted by Overlord, November 5, 2006
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I usually use the VBA client developed by Kenn and Jacob for scouting new talent, but this season I can't reach the server. Is it down, or is it me?
mmmdk, November 6, 2006
You're a dad, Kenn? I did not know - so congrats to mom and dad :-)
HungerDunker, November 5, 2006
My Bad!

The ISP changed the Server-IP, and I was holding the new client version until the "NBA Games Used" had been published by the commish.

Apparently this being-a-dad-thingy is causing me to overlook stuff....

Go to under the downloads section, download the installer and re-install. This should get You up and running.

Happy scouting!