Kobe - you know you love him
posted by Overlord, November 27, 2007
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From Slam Online - great stuff:

\"Hisham says:
Kobe Bryant is the best basketball player in the history of planet Earth. Therefore, he will win Defensive Player of the year this year. He will win MVP and most improved player, and they will take Allen Iversonís ROY trophy back and give it to him. He will singlehandedly destroy the Celtics in the NBA Finals, in which he will achieve the impossible feat of sweeping them, and making the championship clinching 3point dunk at the buzzer in 3OT of Game 7. He will win Finals MVP with an average of 69 ppg, 24 rpg, 1 apg and 14 spg. The NBA will retire after this year, because Kobe is leaving next year to play in a league of his own. He will also win MVP there, and become the all time leader in every statistical category in that league. He will then retire, stating that there is nothing left for him to prove.\"
jacob, December 4, 2007
Was it that obvious?
Brian, November 27, 2007
Whoa. Didn't know that coach Jacob was writing for SLAM Online under pseudonym?