Take a Chauncey on me!
posted by , November 4, 2008
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Big shakeup and a lot of questions; who will benefit?

Immediate fantasy winners:
Chauncey is now main PG in Denver.
Melo won't share scoring limelight with AI.
J.R. will see more minutes, more FP.
AI is the answer and he simply gets FP.

Limbo fantasy players:
Rodney Stuckey is the future but AI is in town.
Nene is not a no-no but is he a go-go?
Amir will blossom but how many FP is unknown.
Rasheed is Rasheed.
Maxiell to the max?

Backseat fantasy players:
Rip's minutes & shots will fluctuate.
Prince but not the Prince.
Anyways, Kleiza is too up & down to factor much.

All in all; not a bad trade.