MBA Newsflash, March 25, 2018
The HungerDunkers are the 2017-2018 MBA Fantasy League Champions after beating the RimRockers 183.5-125.5 FP in GAME 6 of the finals for the fourth win in the best-of-seven series (4-2). Lou Williams scored a game high 34 FP including 27 pts and 10 ast while LeBron James added 33 FP from 27 pts, 9 ast and 6 rbs. The team had a boost from the return of Stephen Curry (29 FP) and a huge effort from the bench (41.5 FP) to bring home the title for coach Kenn.
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mmmdk, March 27, 2018
East, West...West is best! All hail the bats!!
rimrocker, March 27, 2018
Couldn't happen to a better team - Congratulations Hungrydunkers :) - Amazing resilience and depth on your Squad this series, with injuries to two key starters and several bench players - it was a finals series Rimrockers for all intents and purposes should or could have won, alas it was close and I glad we were not swept, it would have been grossly unreflective of the closeness of most of the games - indeed had it been a sweep, I would venture so far as to accuse Coach Kenn of collusion with Lady Fortuna, fortunately recriminations were unnecessary.
JesperNielsen, March 27, 2018
Gratz to Hungerdunkers!
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