MBA Newsflash, March 5, 2020
 Team Home 2020 MBA PLAYOFFS GAME 4
Coach 3M and the Yavapai Swashbucklers advanced to the MBA Finals, upsetting the defending champions Naughty Koalas 3-1 in the series following a GAME 4 score of 160.5-127.0 FP. Pascal Siakam scored 31 FP from 33 pts and 7 boards while Jonas Valanciunas produced 30 FP in just 25 minutes including 15 pts and 15 rbs. James Harden scored a game high 32 FP in the Koalas loss, but the team shot just .374 from the field. The Swashbucklers will move on to face the RimRockers in the 2020 MBA Finals.
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jacob, March 8, 2020
Just 37.4 from the field! Just in the nick of time that swashbucklers started to play defense. Who would have thought, after all these years.
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