MBA Newsflash, February 17, 2018
In a dramatic finish to the regular MBA fantasy season, the HungerDunkers captured the no. 1 seed over defending champions Naughty Koalas by the smallest or margins. With both teams tied at a 14-6 record and going 2-2 in head-to-head matchup, it came down to best FP-differential. The HungerDunkers earned the first seed by only +0.5 FP as the record shows diffentials of 13.375 for the Koalas and 13.400 for the HungerDunkers. In the Eastern Conference three teams were fighting for two postseason spots. Højbjerg Tigers fell short despite a high scoring effort, ultimately falling victim to RimRockers' Anthony Davis' game deciding 60 FP, as the Ogres meanwhile managed to beat Ole's Overlords to secure a return to the MBA Playoffs. Matchups are now set at HungerDunkers versus Naughty Koalas in the Western Conference Finals and RimRockers versus Meaty Ogres in the East.
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rimrocker, February 26, 2018
Besides sporting a bad fantasy in-game-strategy in a deciding game, I must confess you seem to be a good sport about taking a "Browbeating", Coach! It seems like it could be severely unpleasant! Cheers for a good struggle in any case!
JesperNielsen, February 20, 2018
"Concentrate on the others. Let the brow beat us!". Yeah! Great advice Coach!
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