MBA Newsflash, March 5, 2018
 Team Home 2018 MBA PLAYOFFS GAME 3
The HungerDunkers will meet the RimRockers in the 2018 MBA Finals as both teams swept their opponents in the Conference Finals round. The HungerDunkers ousted defending champions Naughty Koalas 3-0 in the Western Conference Finals, completing the sweep with a 167.5-136.0 FP GAME 3 win. DeAndre Jordan scored a game high 40 FP from 19 pts and 20 boards while LeBron James had another triple-double for 35 FP. The HungerDunkers averaged 181.2 fppg in the series, are on a 9 game winning streak and have won 16 of their last 18 fantasy games. In the Eastern Conference Finals, the RimRockers swiftly eliminated the Meaty Ogres with a GAME 3 win of 166.5-138.0 FP. Rudy Gobert had 26 pts, 16 rbs and 4 blk for a game high 43 FP to go along with 32 FP from Anthony Davis. In three playoff games, the RimRockers averaged 188.8 fppg, an MBA series record, that also included Anthony Davis' all time best playoff series average of 49.00 fppg.
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jacob, March 10, 2018
That is a mad start to the MBA playoffs! The firepower is awe inspiring, or perhaps NK and MO forgot to play defense! I am happy JBH did not have to go through that meat grinder.
Overlord, March 7, 2018
188,8 FPs!!!!

Jesus slam-dunking Christ!
HungerDunker, March 5, 2018
Also a first time ever HungerDunkers won a playoff series against Naughty Koalas
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